Consecutive spaces removed from values?

When I query a table in Drermio, it is removing consecutive spaces from values. See example below. I don’t want this to happen. I always want the values to be of same length. Is there an option to turn this off? I think it has to do with HTML.


Hi @Randalism,

Can you give some more context? What type do the columns have (string, map, varbinary) that show this behavior?

It is a string. I think it is HTML issue because when I posted the topic, the consecutive spaces were removed here too so I had to use screenshot instead.

The Dremio UI trims the whitespace to make string values more readable. If you look at the character length of the field (or download a sample of the data), you will see that the whitespace characters are maintained. Try running the following query with a bunch of whitespace around the ‘string’ (like you said, it’s removed by the HTML here):

SELECT CHAR_LENGTH('{ string }') AS the_length, '{ string }' AS the_string

You’ll see the “the_length” indicates the actual string is longer than the display of the returned results.