Converting between timezones

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We currently store a lot of our timestamp data as UTC, however when doing analysis it’s common that we’ll need to convert the timestamps to some other timezone (eg. US/Pacific). In Redshift this is accomplished by using the built in CONVERT_TIMEZONE function. No such function seems to exist in Dremio, so is there any alternative way to convert between timezones easily? And if not are there any plans to add this functionality in the future?



Hi, we’re encountering the same problem, does anyone knows a workaround?
Thank you!

All datetimes in Dremio are UTC and we currently don’t have a way to convert them into different timezones.

Are there any plans for this feature?


I use FROM_UTC_TIMESTAMP(myUTCTimestamp, theExpectTimezone) and it’s work for me

Did u include the function FROM_UTC_TIMESTAMP in Dremio? I didn’t see it in Dremio Doc.

Thanks for sharing the function but this function is not considering the daylight saving.

Thanks Red,
The function worked for us , I was using wrong time zone initially.
I was looking for a time in EST format so initially I used EST as a time zone for e.g.
“FROM_UTC_TIMESTAMP(date_ts,‘EST’) which gave me results without Daylight saving. Then when we tried ‘America/New_York’ as a time zone it worked.
“FROM_UTC_TIMESTAMP(date_ts, ‘America/New_York’)

For those interested, there is a new function in 4.6 release ([]) for converting a timestamp to a specific timezone : CONVERT_TIMEZONE