Coordinator/Yarn Config Relative Paths?

I have a custom config value in dremio.conf that is file in ./conf. On my coordinator I provide the path like ${DREMIO_HOME}"/conf/file", and this works good. But once I deploy to Yarn and try to read this file, it can’t be found. It seems like DREMIO_HOME is not set to the correct path in Yarn jobs? It looks to be set to the root path of the Yarn container instead of the root path of the extracted jar file?

How can I reference Dremio relative paths in dremio.conf so they will work on both local and Yarn?


What version of Dremio is this. Can you give a cluster name and try? Could be any name

@balaji.ramaswamy, this is Dremio 4.0.0. The cluster already has a name.


We push the bundled jar to the Yarn containers. What is the exact error you are getting?