Correlated subquery fails (i.e. where exists) when nullable outer column used

Subquery executes to empty result making EXISTS/NOT EXISTS fail when inside of the subquery outer query column is nullable. Here i made very simple example to reproduce it, cos actual query i use is pretty complex:
so table(parquet file on s3, but same with aws glue) where ID is nullable float:

ID   Text
0  1.0    One
1  NaN    Two
2  2.0  Three
  1. SELECT * FROM "table_nullable.parquet" a returns 3 rows
  2. SELECT * FROM "table_nullable.parquet" a where a.ID is null returns 1 rows.
  3. SELECT * FROM "table_nullable.parquet" a where exists(select * from "table_nullable.parquet" b) returns 3 rows
  4. SELECT * FROM "table_nullable.parquet" a where exists(select * from "table_nullable.parquet" b WHERE A.ID IS NULL) returns empty result set, but should return 1 row.
    using WITH + COALESCE helps:
  5. WITH fixed AS (SELECT COALESCE(ID, -1) ID, "Text" FROM "table_nullable.parquet") SELECT * FROM fixed a where exists(select * from fixed b where a.ID = -1)
    returns exactly 1 row

Check out last query has predicate with outer a table referenced as is null which is true for 1 rows in outer query always.

This example is oversimplified and senseless, but in real use cases it makes such queries fail:
select * from table a where [not] exists (select * from table b where (b.x=a.x or (b.x is null and a.x is null)) and >
Even coalesce(b.x,..)=coalesce(a.x,..) doesn help. only work around this issue is to wrap main query in with with coalesce(x,0) instead of x.

Attached profile of the 4th failed query (10.9 КБ)

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@vladislav-stolyarov Was able to observe the same behavior, will look into this