CREATE VDS breaks Dremio 3.2.0


We have a problem creating VDS using the SQL query ( CREATE VDS v1 AS SELECT * FROM pds1). Dremio will put this job in the enqueued state but never run. The subsequent queries to Dremio will hang unless restarting the Dremio instance. This only happens after upgrading to 3.2.0 and issue go away if we downgrade to 3.1.x

@dli16, does this happen with every CREATE VDS statement or just for a particular one? Any extra information you could supply (query profiles, logs) would be helpful in diagnosing the issue.

I also facing the same problem

@Jue_Lin_Zhuang_Jack, what version of Dremio are you seeing this issue on?

docker hub 3.2.2. I use it in docker env

Any update for this issue ?

@Jue_Lin_Zhuang_Jack, please collect the profile for this job as it is enqueued along with thread dumps (using the java jstack tool) of the Dremio coordinator.

To do this second part, on the Dremio coordinator pod, find the PID.

$ ps -ef | grep Dremio
 -- note the PID
$ jstack <Dremio PID> > coordinator_thread_dump.txt