CTAs - prefix in partition names

Hi there,

While I was trying CTAs with partitioning, I found that there were some prefixes added in partition name:

CREATE TABLE s3.mybucket.folder1.folder2 PARTITION BY (an_integer_field) AS 
SELECT * FROM my_table

would give partitions such as:


I would expect only the integer field value but I always have a prefix such as 992_.

Is it intended ? Is there a way to remove it ?

And does PARTITION BY and HASH PARTITION BY do the same ?



@lucbaro default should be hash, I do see the numbers getting generated, will check to see if they can be removed

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy, is there any update on that topic ?



@lucbaro apologies, have not got a chance to check on this yet. Is it super important to have them removed?

It is not absolutely necessary as we can still filter on partition with a like in the query, but it is quite important for readability, it’s going to be a mess when we are dealing with several partitions.
I even wonder if it would be more efficient for Dremio to avoid the like usage and use the equal sign for the exact partition name match.