DATA_WRITE ERROR: No space left on device (37.9 KB)
Hey guys. Deployed on AWS.
No space left while trying to create a reflection out of reflection.
Any help with it?

@Xezed It seems like the disk where you were spilling is full. Open the job profile for job id# 1dcf8b14-3be1-d391-3291-9dc823a51800 and if you open HASH_AGGREGATE 02-xx-02 and open the operator_metrics below that, you will see each thread is spilling close to 35 GB and each node is processing 6 threads, see host metrics below that, so in effect you local disk on the executor is probably a 200 GB disk that fills up or if it is larger then there are other concurrent queries that are also spilling, can you consider increasing the disk capacity?

Also would you consider trying Dremio cloud service?