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Is it planned to integrate graph database like Neo4j as Dremio datasource ?

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@gchampion adding support for graph DBs is something we’ve contemplated but haven’t seen as much interest/requests as we’ve seen for other sources on our shortlist. That said, I’m very curious to understand more about your use case. What other data sources are you planning to work with in Dremio? Would you say that the primary goal is analyze across multiple sources or to provide a SQL interface to Cypher/Neo4j?

For the moment I tried the solution and the main goal is to analyze data accross multiple sources:

  • JSON files (NAS datasource)
  • MongoDB
  • Neo4j

Neo4j for the moment I launch csv extractor using cypher over Neo4j but I was wondering we could have a solution to manage this datasource as other with Dremio.

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