DATE_FORMAT equivalent in Dremio

I want to generate a month trend across my entire dataset. Following is the query which works for me in mysql:

**SELECT DATE_FORMAT(SalesDate, '%b-%Y') as groupByDate, DATE_FORMAT(max(SalesDate), '%Y-%m-%d %H:%i:%S') as date, TIMESTAMPDIFF(YEAR, MAX(SubgroupLaunchDate), current_Date) as value FROM <tableName> WHERE <Some condition> GROUP BY DATE_FORMAT(SalesDate, '%b-%Y') ;**

What is the DATE_FORMAT equivalent in dremio to perform a similar query

@aditya.bhandari There is probably not an equivalent, TO_DATE can be used on a string and mention the format of the data,

Here is the full list of DATE functions

To use MySQL function use Dremio External query feature