Delete orphan entries: dremio-admin -o

I just tried to clean-up orphan entries using “dremio-admin -o” … but, got the followign error.
Lock file to RocksDB is currently hold by another process. Will wait until lock is freed

Can/Can’t I run dremio-admin when dremio process is running?

As a workaround you can shut down Dremio then run this process. We will investigate whether there is a bug in this scenario.

Sure, Thanks @kelly

Right now, rigorously testing to make dremio community work on cases. Once done, need to move onto enterprise edition.


dremio-admin clean -o can be run only when Dremio is brought down. We will have this added to our documentation

Kindly let me know if you have any other questions


@balaji.ramaswamy Thanks. Kind of in expected lines… will test and update .