Determining S3 path of reflection files

We have a number of reflections in Dremio and we’d like to make a call to the API, pass it a reference to a reflection (e.g. , and get back the full S3 path to the file(s) involved in the reflection (e.g. S3://ourdremiobucket/ec919f19-3d5f-43b3-8950-093caade547d/ 901eff87-4741-42ba-8e59-bf7c209f0359)

I see a couple of ways we might do this, but this feels like something where there should be a canonical or at least idiomatic way of doing this.

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@jdlong, A combination of sys.reflections and sys.materializations should give you the current materialization and sys.reflections can be queried via dataset name

Unfortunately, sys.reflections and sys.materializations do not provide s3 path for most recent reflection parquet files…
Also, I could not find any API providing this information.
It would make sense to me, if reflections API (Dremio) would return s3 path, but this is not the case…

@aidas-truskauskas Agree, there is no direct API and we might have to do some scripting as the it will be dist<path>/accelerator/<reflection-id>/<materialization-id>

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