Difference in performance UI/jdbc

i’m working on a Dremio cluster v4.1.3 and i’ve noticed a strange behavior.
If i run a query via jdbc, the time to complete it is much more larger than the time to finish the same query via UI. The payload of the query is the same, so i don’t think that the difference is caused by the UI authomatic truncation. Both the queries return the same Output Records (400k)
These are the query profiles:
JDBC.zip (30,7 KB) UI.zip (32,9 KB)



The reason is, although Dremio completed processing the records, the JDBC client is unable to consume at the same rate, if you see the first screen shot “phase-0-blocked-downstream.PNG” you will see that Dremio is all blocked on downstream on Phase 0 and downstream for Phase 0 is the JDBC client

If you see the second screen shot “screen.PNG”, all the time was spent on transferring the 231 MB over the wire.

The actual query execution took only 1 second

Hope this helps