Different result for hash join


For a SQL, it joins two data set, but always get the different result. If I use distinct, the result will be correct. Does anyone have any idea? Where should I check to dig this issue?


  1. we are using our customized plugin as one data source (all the fields are varchar type), but we could make sure our plugin always return the same data result.
  2. Seems if one data source result size is more than 100K, it will have such issue.

Here are two result, it will join two data sources (one is 138,383 records and another is 1,490 records)
Run #1:
The result is 168

Run #2:
The result is 30:

Hello Popejune,

Can you provide the profiles for both the runs please?


Hi, @Rakesh_Malugu, do you get chance to check the profiles in you message box?