Disable preview in GUI

Using Dremio 3.1.9
Some of our queries never finish while using the “preview” option, while they take anywhere from <1s to 5s when using the “run” option. By never finish I mean that I cancel them after hours or running. Is there a way to disable the preview option and/or default to just run?

Note: this is not a problem when using the REST API, just the GUI

Attached are two profile from the same query, “completed.zip” (<1s) is from “run” and “cancelled.zip” (1h:36m:15s) is from “preview”
completed.zip (16.1 KB)
cancelled.zip (20.5 KB)

Hello @Pedro_Enrique,

It looks like one of the threads in the preview that you cancelled spent over an hour processing a Flatten operation, and then an additional 1/2 hour waiting and that was where all the time was spent. It’s unclear why the preview would cause this while the run would.

Can you reliable reproduce this long preview of the same query?

If so, can you include a couple profiles of running the preview (for comparison)?