Do Dremio ID's Change?


I am building a script to programmatically refresh reflections. Since there isn’t a “List Datasets” API, I have to recursively call the catalog API to get from the catalog to the folder(s) to the datasets to get the ID of the dataset to refresh.

Once I have the ID’s I can hard code them in the script if they don’t change.

Is there any scenario where the ID’s of a dataset (PDS or VDS) will change?


@drew Only if the PDS is removed (formatting is removed) or if you do an ALTER PDS <PDS-NAM> FORGET METADATA

Also, even if the reflection is on th VDS, the API requires you to pass the PDS ID always. If the VDS is a join across multiple PDS then you can give the PDS ID of any one of the PDS and Dremio will know to refresh the other PDS