Doc for sys.tables

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Where can I found a list of all sys.tables on Dremio?


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Hi @Arao,

show tables in sys

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Thanks @ben :slight_smile:


I didin’t found the table with JOBS List, can you help me pls?


There’s no system table that lists all the jobs.

There are 2 system databases/schemas: INFORMATION_SCHEMA and sys. You can examine the tables under them with SHOW TABLES IN ...

Can you elaborate on what you’re trying to do with a jobs table? We’re looking to add that to the product, so want to make sure we are addressing the various use cases.

Hi @tshiran, i need to create a control with alerts for jobs who are taking so long to execute and check if there’s a opportunity to tune the dataset or anything else like ranking datasets more used and etc.


To find status of a job you can use the JOB API

For completed queries, use queries.json, we archive for 30 days under the coordinator log folder that you can move to a S3/Azure/HDFS storage and then promote the folder as JSON and do analysis


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