Docs for Dremio cluster setup

I would like to setup Dremio in cluster mode (not HA) to speedup ingestion, queries. I couldnt find documentation for this… any help?

@ravi.eze Have you checked this article on the documentation?

oh! that means as long as we have the boxes point to the same coordinator, and the boxes have master as false + coordinator as true… over? I am assuming all the boxes can point to the zookeeper of mapr cluster and there will not be any complications to MapR because of this (may be u are putting locks/ any other info into zoo)

Could you please elaborate a bit - not sure I fully understand what you are trying to ask?
Yes, Dremio will need to use MapR Zookeeper and yes - there will NOT be any issues for MapR with Dremio using MapR Zookeeper. It is very light usage with very small number of znodes created.