Documentation of exposed Prometheus metrics

I have set up Prometheus to monitor my Dremio instance, this works very well.

I am overwhelmed by the number of exposed metrics. Although every metric exposes a help text, it is not very helpful. E.g.:

# HELP jobs_active Generated from Dropwizard metric import (, type=com.dremio.telemetry.api.metrics.Metrics$$Lambda$94/1750950410)
# TYPE jobs_active gauge
jobs_active 0.0

This “Generated from Dropwizard metric import (...” is all over the place and not helpful to me.

Are the metrics’ meaning documented somewhere else too?

Dear Serra
Some time ago I tried to setup prometheus in my Kubernetes Dremio-OSS instance (helm chart) with no success.
Here´s what I did in local.values.yaml:

# Dremio Coordinator

Either port 9010 was no accessible or was no even created???

Could you please explain how you made it work?
Thanks in advance

Hm, not sure what you have to do to get this running in k8.

I host in docker compose.

I had to add this to my dremio.conf: ""
  web-admin.port: 9090

Then let the container expose port 9090 and configure my Prometheus instance to scrape it.

You can test if Dremio is set up correctly by browsing (or curling) to http://your_dremio_host:your_web_admin_port/metrics (in my case http://dremio:9090/metrics) to get the (long) list of metrics. Hth!

Thanks Serra
I will try and let you know

I made it work in K8S following the very same approach.
Many thanks again!!

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That is good to hear!

I am still curious about the metrics documentation, so if you happen to come across do let me know.