Dremio 4.0 Windows Install


I’ve downloaded the TAR but I can’t seem to install it on Windows 10. Can someone help me? Thanks


Unfortunately we removed Windows and MacOS applications in 4.0

Dremio 4.0 Deprecations

Best is to spin up a Linux VM and use the RPM or TAR or use TAR on a Mac


thats very unfortunate ! I was beginning to evanligize the use Dremio with my Mac community of data developers at my company. Is there any reason why it was deprecated ?

You can still use the tarball or Docker as well. Dremio is designed to be a distributed system with many nodes running - the mac/windows installers were a way to do a quick evaluation.

I just downloaded the commuity version of Dremio of 3.3.1. Do we have instructions how to install these. I am trying to install it on my windows machine. Unix is fine too


If you are on unix, you should download the latest version and try (4.3.1)