Dremio 4 failed to read parquet

Hi Dremio 4.0.2 running in container and failed reading parquet file:

Error in parquet reader (complex). Message: Failure in setting up reader Parquet Metadata: ParquetMetaData{FileMetaData{schema: message spark_schema { optional int64 dsid; optional binary consumer_id (STRING); optional binary person_id (STRING); optional binary derived_key; } , metadata: {org.apache.spark.sql.parquet.row.metadata={"type":"struct","fields":[{"name":"dsid","type":"long","nullable":true,"metadata":{}},{"name":"consumer_id","type":"string","nullable":true,"metadata":{}},{"name":"person_id","type":"string","nullable":true,"metadata":{}},{"name":"derived_key","type":"binary","nullable":true,"metadata":{}}]}}}, blocks: [BlockMetaData{567053, 60113622 [ColumnMetaData{SNAPPY [dsid] optional int64 dsid [RLE, BIT_PACKED, PLAIN], 4}, ColumnMetaData{SNAPPY [consumer_id] optional binary consumer_id (STRING) [RLE, BIT_PACKED, PLAIN], 2939903}, ColumnMetaData{SNAPPY [person_id] optional binary person_id (STRING) [RLE, BIT_PACKED, PLAIN], 21515693}, ColumnMetaData{SNAPPY [derived_key] optional binary derived_key [RLE, BIT_PACKED, PLAIN], 40091600}]}]}

Note: if I run the same distr with the same config from edge node on the cluster all is fine. Some libs missing?

Update: Logs show java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: sun.misc.Unsafe or java.nio.DirectByteBuffer.<init>(long, int) not available

Turned out that on container it was jdk11 and su.misc.Unsafe was moved out of there. Switching back to jdk8 resolved the issue

Thanks for the update @comphead