Dremio always connecting to master:8020


I have an issue while connecting to hive (hive 2.3.3) and fetching data from hive external table.

  1. I have updated the property fs.defaultFS to hdfs://master:9000 in core-site.xml.
  2. I have also placed this file inside dremio/conf/ folder
  3. Still, while accessing an external table in hive, dremio is trying to connect to master:8020.
  4. Later I also tried to add fs.defaultFS to the connection property of hive dataset. Still no luck.

Is this a known thing? Which means, should we change the namenode to listen to 9000?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Have you also tried to copy hive-site.xml to the <DREMIO_HOME>/conf folder, also if this is Dremio 4.2 and above please do the below too

If Hive 2.x source then
cd <DREMIO_HOME>/plugins/connectors
mkdir hive2.d
cd hive2.d
ln -s <DREMIO_HOME>/conf <DREMIO_HOME>/plugins/conectors/hive2.d

If Hive 3.x source then
cd <DREMIO_HOME>/plugins/connectors
mkdir hive3.d
cd hive3.d
ln -s <DREMIO_HOME>/conf <DREMIO_HOME>/plugins/conectors/hive3.d