Issue while accessing hive -


I am very new to Dremio and I am trying to integrate Dremio (standalone version) with the existing Hive 2.3.3 (on top of Hadoop 2.7) setup.

Strangely, while I am able to access few of the tables, I am not able to access other tables as I am facing the following error:

master:8020 failed on connection exception:

I have attached all the screenshots, artifacts in this thread.

Any inputs will definely be of great help!

Thank you. (117.6 KB)


Wondering if you can share us with the Dremio Profile


Thanks Balaji. I am attaching the downloaded profile. I am also attaching the profile of the succeeded profile.

Failed (14.4 KB)

Succeeded (19.4 KB)

hi, just a gentle reminder about this case. I have tried all the possible alternatives, but still the request goes to master:8020 instead of my configured master port.

Hi @srini8881

Have answered the below post

Kindly let me know if you still have an issue


Hi Balaji, thanks for your reply.

We are still facing the same issue. Kindly find the screen capture of the changes made:(hives-site and core-site files same as the ones attached earlier in the thread)