Dremio and Google DataStudio

Hello there!

I was wondering if someone managed to connect Dremio with Google DataStudio. There are a lot of community connectors available to use there but at this point I cant find anything that would help me to connect to Dremio.


From what I can tell, Google DataStudio doesn’t really work with databases. It uses a very limited wrapper around JDBC that only supports Oracle, SQL Server and Google Cloud databases.

Hi, thanks for replying. I played around a little bit in DataStudio and it has a pretty good connector for MySQL for example (also offering the JDBC as option there, separately), I did not hit any bumps using MySQL as datasource… (it also has for Postgres but I did not test that one) so I wouldn’t say they don’t work well with databases.

Yeah, I think DataStudio has a few built in connectors (MySQL and Postgres fall in that category), but in order for Dremio or you to create a connector you would have to use Google AppScript, and AppScript is limited in what it can use (e.g., it can’t bundle a JDBC driver). I think it might be possible to build a connector in AppScript using Dremio’s REST API though.

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