Dremio capabilities on UNStructured data?

I am evaluating Dremio for one of my client partner’s use case and wondering if Dremio has any capabilities for unstructured data? Any supporting documentation can also be a help


Any specific sources you have in mind like Elasticsearch, Mongo, JSON etc?


I am having the same need about the json files

Is dremio have the capabilities to parse json files dynamically and recursively ?

is there predefined functions to help parse a json file and store the result in a relational schema ?


You should be able to promote the JSON folder as a PDS and then Dremio sees it like a relational schema. On top of that if you create reflections, it would Dremio generated Parquert files


Hi balaji,

Dremio sees the Json as physical dataset, that’s fine

but let me explain the problem with a sample used in a dremio tutorial

The relation schema expected is at least tree relational tables
table 1 : business
table 2 : business type
table 3 : service hours

So , if I want to get this schema, I have to parse the text of each record in Dremio
to get all service hours record and store them in a new table
and things can get tougher if there’s multiple imbrication levels !

So my question : is dremio capable to do this transformation easily ?

“business_id”: “vcNAWiLM4dR7D2nwwJ7nCA”,
“full_address”: “4840 E Indian School Rd\nSte 101\nPhoenix, AZ 85018”,
“hours”: {
“Tuesday”: {
“close”: “17:00”,
“open”: “08:00”
“Friday”: {
“close”: “17:00”,
“open”: “08:00”
“Monday”: {
“close”: “17:00”,
“open”: “08:00”
“Wednesday”: {
“close”: “17:00”,
“open”: “08:00”
“Thursday”: {
“close”: “17:00”,
“open”: “08:00”
“open”: true,
“categories”: [
“Health & Medical”
“city”: “Phoenix”,
“review_count”: 7,
“name”: “Eric Goldberg, MD”,
“neighborhoods”: [],
“longitude”: -111.983758,
“state”: “AZ”,
“stars”: 3.5,
“latitude”: 33.499313,
“attributes”: {
“By Appointment Only”: true
“type”: “business”