Dremio Cloud : Query timeout

Hi All,

It’s not my first attemp deploying Dremio Cloud. But we faced a very strange behavior of Dremio Cloud now. We are able to deploy Dremio Cloud. The engine instance start in the AWS env… And finally we won’t get any result for any query !

We followed the documentation as detailed here
Getting Started with Dremio Sonar : https://docs.dremio.com/cloud/getting-started/
We have a special attention when we created

The cloud formation application is OK

Engines are launched in VPC with a private subnet.

But we never get results for a query execution

The query keep in a ““continuous execution without obtain the result””

I spend some time on the community forum, and support knowledge base. We do not understand the missing element…

The cloudformation creates all resources needed by Dremio Cloud. Isn’t it? Why something is missing? All network rules are defined in the cloudformtion…

If you have any suggestion…

Kind regards

Hi @cclairmont ,

Thanks for sharing the steps you have taken. Our CloudFormation template only creates the VPCEndpoints, Security groups, and IAM roles needed. The additional network configurations need to be created by you. Just to confirm, have you also created a NAT gateway and a route table for those private subnets?


Additionally, would you mind sharing your Organization ID with me through a private message?


Hi @cindy.la ,

Thanks a lot for you links :slightly_smiling_face:. They were very helpful. Now we have a better understanding how we could connect Dremio control plane and Customer Data plane with a public sub-network or a private sub-network.

Kind regards

Hi all,

One more question please.

In the documentation of Dremio Cloud

Creating a NAT Gateway


It’s indicated that the NAT Gateway is created on the private subnet. With this setup Dremio Cloud does not work. In fact, on a vm in the private subnet, with this command

curl -v https://gw.dremio.cloud

we couldn’t reach dremio cloud.

Finally as many documentation on the AWS NAT Gateway explain, to allow a VM on a private subnet reach internet, it’s a standard to route trafic through a Nat Gateway in a public subnet.

And in fact, Dremio Cloud works well with a Nat Gateway on a public subnet.

Could someone confirm please ?


Hi @cclairmont ,

You are correct, the NAT gateway should be created on the public subnet.

It looks like that documentation is incorrect. We’ll get this fixed on our end!