Dremio community edition 3.3 download link

Hi All,

As dremio version 3.3 is released, we are exited to upgrade our version from 3.2 to latest released version 3.3,
however the dremio download link for RPM install still having 3.2 file.

When 3.3 release rpm/tar file will be available in dremio download page?

Hi All,

Do anyone have 3.3 community edition download link ?
We are excited to upgrade to new version released.

Thanks and Regards,

You can simply fetch the latest rpm or tar

both are 3.2.8 file, I am looking for 3.3 installation files.

http://download.dremio.com/community-server/3.3.1-201907291852280797-df23756/ has all the files, including the RPM.

Thanks for your response I see the files now.

LATEST links have been updated too. Thanks for reporting.

@doron we are planning our community edition version to 3.3, will let the community know how it goes and if we face any issue in upgrade path.