Dremio Connect HPE Ezmeral


I have trouble when connect Dremio (ver.19) into Hive in Ezmeral. I could see the table but when I select this that got error same like this:

“java.io.IOException: No FileSystem for scheme: maprfs.”

Do I have some misconfigurations? Please help me. Thanks

Please anyone help me

@thongdq It seems like the Hive Parquet (or whichever format) files are on maprfs:///, Which Dremio edition have you installed? If your files are on maprfs:/// then you would have to download the maprfs tar or rpm. If you have done that correctly, check your dremio.conf to see dist:/// path and see if there is a syntax error there? Also in 19.0, if iceberg is enabled, the dist:/// cannot go to local disk and has to go to a distributed store