Dremio connect to MetaBase or Apache Superset as visualization tools

Hi experts,

Would like to check with you, is it possible to make connection from dremio to Apache Superset https://superset.incubator.apache.org ? or connection from dremio to MetaBase https://github.com/metabase/metabase ? as visualization tools .

Thanks and appreciate the effort and thought on this.


There has been interest and some work in the superset community to connect to Dremio:

This is not something we control but would be happy to answer questions if that’s helpful.

Hi Kelly,

Ok, thanks for the input … I can see this also shown in other ticket.

Seems this is the only option experience by others, I’ll have a look on it now.

Thanks and appreciate the effort though

Thumbs up for Metabase! :star_struck: There is already an effort to build the Apache Drill driver in the Metabase community.

Related links:

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Hey guys, does anyone have any news on this topic? I am anxious for connecting dremio to a visualization tool. It would be awesome if it could be Metabase.

My team has it connected to Redash. We looked at Metabase and found it a bit too complicated for us.

Dremio is now available in the master branch of superset. It will be released likely in 0.35.2.

Here are the steps:

  1. pip install sqlalchemy_dremio
  2. Install Dremio’s odbc driver
  3. Clone the master branch of superset and do the required steps to get it to run

Use an URI like: dremio://dremio:dremio123@localhost:31010/dremio


We have Metabase and Superset Connected to our Data Pipeline, and have different use cases for each. We have Dremio also connected to Superset, but would be a great addition to add it to Metabase!