Dremio connector for ODBC in Python


I have met following problems, as I tried to run the scripts:
host = ‘dremio.1corp.org
port = 31010
uid = ‘user_name’
pwd = ‘password’
driver = ‘Dremio Connector’
cnxn = pyodbc.connect(“Driver={};ConnectionType=Direct;HOST={};PORT={};AuthenticationType=Plain;UID={};PWD={};”.format(driver, host,port,uid,pwd),autocommit=True)

The error comes: [Dremio][Connector] (1100) Unexpected response received from server. Please ensure the server host and port specified for the connection are correct and confirm if SSL should be enabled for the connection. (1100) (SQLDriverConnect)’

I have no idea about what is wrong…

It is solved, FYI you can refer following:
pyodbc.connect(“Driver=Dremio Connector;ConnectionType=Direct;HOST=dremio.1corp.org;PORT=31010;AuthenticationType=Plain;SSL=1;DisableCertificateVerification=1;UID=”“;PWD=”";autocommit=True)