Dremio - Denodo Integration


Does Dremio support connecting to virtualized data sources from tools like Denodo? Is the integration support on the upcoming features? This could expedite the Enterprise Data Fabric initiatives by saving huge amount of time of building complex ETL to move data to some central place.

Hi @NikhilPV

You should be able to query the datalake directly via Dremio. What would be a use case when you want Denodo to connect to Dremio?

for example when you have Dremio on cloud and Denodo on-prem, so Denodo can be push-down a piece of the query to Dremio, and (maybe) Dremio can do the same when it needs to access some on-prem data

@Currently Dremio does not connect to Denodo, but you can write a connector using Dremio Hub