Dremio Docker Release

We can see that Dremio has Release 19.2.0 available through releases page. how long does it take before releasing Docker ?

@asakmedops The Kubernetes image should be available straight away, are you asking about Non K8’s docker?

Yes Kubernetes Images. Right now here are the latest Tags available on Dremio Docker Hub : dremio/dremio-oss Tags | Docker Hub.

While on Dremio Releases, I can see 19.2.0 available: Dremio

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy , it seems the 19.2.0, 19.3.0 and 20.0.0 are mentioned in the official documentation, but not available in the Docker Hub (latest version is still 19.1.0, 2 months old)

When would they be available ?

Can’t wait to try new features :slight_smile: !!!

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Exactly, usually Dremio releases the Docker versions immediately. @balaji.ramaswamy any idea ?

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Our Dremio Master keeps failing a lot recently. We are looking to get the latest version , hopefully the issue is fixed within the recent versions .

@asakmedops @lucbaro checking on why you do not see some versions

@asakmedops Can you please open another post for master failing, we can get to the bottom of the issue

@asakmedops @lucbaro 19.3and 20.0 docker image should be available now, please check and confirm

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Thanks @balaji.ramaswamy , they seem to be available now !

Thanks @balaji.ramaswamy . the Docker versions are updated

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy , it seems the same problem is happening again, the documentation mentions versions 20.2.0 and 20.2.1 (March 2022), but the last tag on DockerHub is the 20.1.0, pushed 2 months ago.

Would it be possible to make them available on DockerHub ?

Many thanks

It is also the case on Github too.

Is Dremio trying to push us towards Dremio Cloud ? by not publishing the docker images updates ?

@lucbaro @asakmedops There are a few releases that are Enterprise only and I am guessing the missing ones are those. I have sent a request to the docs team that release notes mention that