Dremio EKS: use service account with AIM identity usage for s3 data source

I have Dremio installed on EKS using helm chart_v2.
I also have configured IAM Role for service account integrations.
And ll my Dremio pods has configured service account with correct permissions.
What I don’t understand is -
What Auth method do I need to choose in the Dremio data source wizard to use them ec2 metadata or profile with Assume role?
If profile, what role to assume I need to choose?

@GrigorievNick Is your question on which options to choose? It depends on how the s3 buckets are setup

My question about, can I use SA to IAM integration with OIDC?
DO one of these options, support it, and in case yes, how?

Hello @GrigorievNick, Did you find a solution to authenticate dremio within eks with a service account ?

hi @agodet , nope I don’t.