Dremio error in version 18.1 (Unable to coerce from the file's data type "varbinary" to the column's data type "varchar" in table)

Dremio version 18.1 generates an error in some VDS, this does not happen in 17.0


Unable to coerce from the file’s data type “varbinary” to the column’s data type “varchar” in table “ops_dao.tarificador.machines”, column “implementations._id”.

*I am migrating my VDS from 17.0 to 18.1
*the only error I have in the whole development,
I do not understand the error


Currently having the same issue, even if the message points a especific column when i exclude that column from the select statement i get the same error. having the same vds on an earlier version of dremio works as expected.

@jlcornejo @luissotosanchez in 18.0 mixed types are no longer supported, there are certain types, Dremio can coerce while some it cannot

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