Dremio flight connector not connecting thorugh Nifi DBCP Pool


Previous i have used jdbc to connect dremio with nifi now i am trying to achieve same things with Dremio flight connector .i have builded jar put in nifi too but DBCP is not connect to Dremio using flight connector .is some thing i am missing or DBCP pool only support JDBC right now
any extra steps need to follow to connect dremio with nifi using Dremio flight connector

@Vikash_Singh Well, it’s just by chance that I can help, as this is more of a NiFi question.
NiFi DBCP Connection Pool only works with JDBC. If you want to look at working this way… it won’t be easy. There are other DBCP Connection Controller Services in NiFi, such as the Hive/Hive3 Connection Pools, but these are also JDBC based.

I would just use the Dremio JDBC driver. Dremio uses Arrow internally for client connections like JDBC/ODBC, and then translates it back to a “normal” ResultSet for Java to work with.