Dremio font on results grid is ugly in v24

I upgraded Dremio CE from v21 to v24. Nice features were introduced but the font on the grid results is ugly and smal… here is a screenshot:

Can I do something to get the old style grid?

P.S: Tested on Brave browser.


@almirb I just ran a query on the Samples sources on V24 and I do not see any difference, see screenshot below, used chrome

Hi i had updated dremio from version 23 to Dremio version 24 ,my dremio community version was working ,but after i taken new version dremio is not starting in my browser…
can any one suggest any settings or anything which will help me to start version 24

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy !

It looks like the “Menlo” font is missing.
Do you know where It is get from?

I also made a fresh new install of dremio-community-24.0.0-202302100528110223-3a169b7c.tar.gz on my local machine.

Looking the same dataset as you, I got different font in grid:


@Sushmita Looks like your thread is a different topic, please open a separate topic and upload the Dremio server.log and server.out after the restart failed

Hi @almirb This is fixed in 24.1 coming soon

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Thanks @balaji.ramaswamy !