Dremio GCS behind proxy without disabling iceberg

We are using dremio community edition 24.1.0-202306130653310132-d30779f6 24 running in docker

Question: Currently we are using a google gcs bucket as internal distributed storage and our company is behind a proxy. We set proxy setting in dremio-env. However, we found that dremio has issue to access storage.googleapis.com when iceberg is enabled. It can format parquet files and save meta data into gcs bucket. but when the query retrieve records from SQL Runner page, it will throw error and it cannot recognise the host storage.googleapis.com

Any comments or ideas of how I get it working without disabling iceburg?


@Sam What do you exactly mean iceberg is enabled? In 24.x iceberg and unlimited splits are on by default. Please send your dremio.conf and the profile from the failed job