Dremio MapR connection - MapRDB

As updated in my previous topic "MapR - Dremio Installation"
I was able to connect to multiple sources

  1. MapRFS
  2. MySQL
  3. Hive

Is it possible to connect to MapR-DB?
Also how to read an ORC file format data?

Yes, you should be able to connect to MapR-DB, try using the HBase connection type. There may be some features of MapR-DB that are not supported at this time.

You can access ORC files via Hive. Let me see if there are any other ways to do this today.

Currently you can only access ORC files via Hive. We expect to have a high performance reader for ORC later this year, it is very high on our list in terms of priorities for file formats.

Thanks a lot Kelly. Will check and get and back on MapRDB.

This is what i did

  1. clicked on (+) against sources; selected HBase
  2. for zookeeperQuorum given the ip; and for port given the MapR port no: 5181
  3. on click of save, the browser said some processing for 5min and finally the source gets added.
  4. However, when i click on a source i dont see the Json DB entries in it --is this intended? is there a way for me to connect to the JsonDB?

JasonDB features are not supported at this time. You can take a look at this tutorial for more info on working with HBase/MapR-DB: https://www.dremio.com/tutorials/hbase-sql-dremio/.