Dremio multimaster

We have deployed dremio on Kubernetes cluster.

I want to know if dremio has a multi master kind of feature or not.

While going through 4.7 release notes, I came to know about Secondary Coordinator Nodes, but now sure it will satisfy the multi master requirement.
What is the difference between co-ordinator, master and Secondary Coordinator?
Can you please help me here?


Are you referring to Oracle Multi Master? In Dremio world, the master can have a HA standby so in case the node goes down, Dremio will fail over. The Dremio KV store (RocksDB) needs to be on NAS, below is the documentation

Other than this in 4.7, active coordinator (no master), just for planning is introduced. The only reason you need a secondary coordinator is when you are having high level of concurrency and your query planning takes time. When you open the job profile, you will see high Command Pool Wait Times and high planning times.

hope this helps