Dremio not load the latest plugin jar I created

Two issues when I create a customized data sources plugin

  1. I create a new plugin for REST query. Firstly, I hard code some data in XxxRecordReader class. It could show the data on the table. But after I query the REST to load the real data, it still show the hard code data, which code has been removed.

I am wonderring if Dremio has a cache for the loaded jar. Seems it is still the pervious one not load the latest one. Do you have any idea?

  1. In SubScan/GroupScan class, there is getOperatorType() method, should I define one? I updated the number, but in the log it still show an old number.
    public int getOperatorType() {
    return 77;

I guess it is related the error below, but not clear how to fix :

SYSTEM ERROR: InvalidTypeIdException: Could not resolve type id ‘xxx-sub-scan’ as a subtype of [simple type, class com.dremio.exec.physical.base.PhysicalOperator]: known type ids = [BroadcastExchange, EasyGroupScan, ElasticsearchAggregatorGroupScan, ElasticsearchGroupScan, EmptyValues, HBaseGroupScan, HashToMergeExchange, HashToRandomExchange, HiveGroupScan, InfoSchemaGroupScan, MongoGroupScan, ParquetGroupScan, RoundRobinExchange, SingleMergeExchange, SystemGroupScan, UnionExchange, UnorderedDeMuxExchange, UnorderedMuxExchange, broadcast-sender, complex-to-json, convert-from-json, dictionary_lookup, easy-sub-scan, elasticsearch-aggregator-subscan, elasticsearch-sub-scan, external-sort, filter, flatten, fs-writer, hash-aggregate, hash-join, hash-partition-sender, hbase-region-scan, hive-sub-scan, ischema, jdbc-scan, jdbc-sub-scan, limit, merge-join, merging-receiver, mongo-shard-read, nested-loop-join, parquet-scan, parquet-writer, project, round-robin-sender, screen, selection-vector-remover, single-sender, streaming-aggregate, sys, top-n, union-all, unordered-receiver, values, window, writer-committer] (for POJO property ‘child’)
at [Source: (org.xerial.snappy.SnappyInputStream); line: 1, column: 1818] (through reference chain: com.dremio.exec.physical.config.Screen[“child”]->com.dremio.exec.physical.config.Project[“child”]->com.dremio.exec.physical.config.WriterCommitterPOP[“child”]->com.dremio.exec.store.dfs.easy.EasyWriter[“child”]->com.dremio.exec.physical.config.Project[“child”]->com.dremio.exec.physical.config.Project[“child”]->com.dremio.exec.physical.config.Limit[“child”])

Fragment 0:0

[Error Id: 91dc3880-663d-4c73-ab15-6992ca2f7496 on server.net:-1]

(com.dremio.common.exceptions.ExecutionSetupException) Failure while reading fragment json.