Dremio-oss version question


I’m using dremio-oss and Prometheus exporter to try to enable telemetry monitoring. However, the Dremio version in dremio-oss is 15.0.0-*, whereas current dremio version is 4.. So I’m a bit confused on why it’s 15. for Dremio-oss and whether I can use the it to generate a working Prometheus exporter for my existing 4.7.3 Dremio installation. Thanks.

@wz2020 After Dremio 4.9, the version moved to 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, are you not able to change the branch to your version and build?

I see. So are you saying I should modify the pom.xml in dremio-oss and put 4.7.0-***** in there and try to build? No, I haven’t tried that and I wasn’t sure all the other dependencies in the POM are correct if I do that. Can you confirm this is what you meant?

@wz2020 Let me check with my engineering team and someone will confirm here