Dremio reflections do not work with window function

Hey guys.
I’ve noticed that when I created a reflection from a VDS that contains a window function (in my case, a RANK function), Dremio is unable to use this reflection in my queries, saying that the reflection “did not cover”. I’ve made the same test in the same VDS by removing the rank function, and the reflection worked like a charm.

Does anybody have any idea why it happens, and what I can do to solve this issue?

Here goes my profile:
10e50a84-7fb8-44ce-89ea-f89cac758378.zip (24.3 KB)


Hi Paulo - I’ll defer to others on whether RANK should work.

Does it work to have a reflection on a VDS without the RANK and to then use RANK on top of that VDS?

I didn’t test it yet, Kelly. I’ll give it a try.