Dremio "remote only" Users

Hi Dremio,
it would be useful (essential for some use cases) to have a third user level aside of users and administrators. This is a user level with only the allowance to query dremio existing datasets via drivers or clients but without the right to login to the Dremio web GUI and change anything.

It would be nice if these user can get a screen where they…

  • are informed that they a registered Dremio users, but without the right to enter the web GUI
  • can request access to the Dremio web GUI, ideally as a global configuration option. Note: This feature would also be nice for users without any access yet.

Reasoning: Mid-term we will have 5000+ users and do not want, that all the users can access the web GUI and do changes, but only PowerUsers. The majority of the users should have read only access to Dremio only through prebuild dashboards and reports or Excel or Tableau or whatever.

Many thanks…
Edit: We also would be available for a call to talk about such a feature in more Detail.

Hi @thomasz, thanks for the details and the suggestion! A high level question I have is: If these read-only users couldn’t create or modify any datasets in the UI, but rather just search/query data (i.e. pure data consumption), would you still want to block UI access? I guess I’m wondering if there is an additional goal beyond ensuring they won’t do modifications or create new content.

no, blocking UI access is not a must.

Our goal would just be to not confuse those users, who are luckily consuming data from dremio without even knowing that dremio exists or what Dremio is - we call this species “managers” :wink: No just kidding, managers are welcome too…

Therefore the idea was, to provide a friendly and simple dremio start page (like the logon screen) that says: “Hey, you do not have access to the Dremio web gui yet. Click on the button below to request access.”

Then some admins can decide if they want to let this guy in or not.

If we want to serve 5000 mostly casual data consumers (users), then it might become a nightmare in regards of supporting them on the Dremio frontend. We just want +/- 500 key users / data scientists / data whatevers to use the web frontend.