Dremio seems to be scanning all the partitoned data from s3

I am new to dremio, having gone through the documentation I tried to evaluate the community edition in terms of latency between presto and athena but facing following issues

  1. My data is in parquet format partitioned on date
    the preview show the column as dir0 with values as
    I am trying to run a query with left join over 3 such data set filtered over above date partitioned over for 10 date. partition

I ran same query on similar config presto cluster it takes around 7-8 min on presto , while same query when I am trying on the dremio takes more than 30 min (then I cancelled without waiting for the result)

few things I noticed were
presto scanned around 200GB of data to give the result
while when dremio query was cancelled showed the data scan
Input bytes : 600GB +

I am having hardtime to understand as I have why dremio is not doing partiton pruning/ filtering and scanning the whole lot amount of the data.

Note: I have not tried using reflections

@v-shaal, can you attach a query profile for the job?