Dremio suddenly down 503

I have Running dremio on kubernate ,2 week back i have migrated from 3.1 to 3.2 ,now i am getting 503 service not available

here is Master logs

496 secs] [Times: user=9.39 sys=0.00, real=1.30 secs]
2019-06-07T10:47:38.582+0000: [Full GC (Ergonomics) [PSYoungGen: 496640K->495339K(820736K)] [ParOldGen: 2796227K->2796202K(2796544K)] 3292867K->3291542K(3617280K), [Metaspace: 147140K->147140K(1306624K)], 3.9092704 secs] [Times: user=29.49 sys=0.16, real=3.91 secs]
2019-06-07T10:47:42.492+0000: [Full GC (Ergonomics) [PSYoungGen: 496640K->495277K(820736K)] [ParOldGen: 2796202K->2796202K(2796544K)] 3292842K->3291480K(3617280K), [Metaspace: 147140K->147140K(1306624K)], 1.2814666 secs] [Times: user=9.29 sys=0.01, real=1.28 secs]

i did not change any Config setting ,i have used helm to deploy