Dremio UI error | Connection Timed Out

When ever i login into Dremio UI i get the following error from the backend logs.

“Catastrophic failure occurred. Exiting. Information follows: Failed to start services, daemon exiting.
java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.IOException: Could not configure server because SASL configuration did not allow the ZooKeeper server to authenticate itself properly: javax.security.auth.login.LoginException: MapR user ticket not available! error = com.mapr.security.MutableInt@2b3fbc58”

Dremio was working well early last week. After that no activities were done on the OS, recently Python was upgraded to 2.7.13.

hi @gvivek,

Could you issue a command with MapR user and paste the results here:

maprlogin print

Also you could try signing out& generating a new ticket for MapR user:

maprlogin logout
maprlogin password -duration X:X:X -renewal X:X:X -cluster <$clustername> #Day:Hour:Minute

You need to restart the dremio env after taking these steps.


Hi Danny,
I had not enabled security on the cluster, if you are looking for it…
However following were the output

$ maprlogin print
Opening keyfile /tmp/maprticket_5000

$ maprlogin logout
Security is not enabled on the cluster: bbi.mapr.com. Running maprlogin will not login. If you think security should be enabled - please check your cluster configuration.

Could you check following?:

  1. You are using MapR Zookeeper in dremio (dremio.conf should specify it as zookeeper:host:5181[,host:5181…]
  2. In dremio-env.sh you should either see references to MapR env variables to set like:
    or DREMIO_JAVA_EXTRA_OPTS would need to use values of those env. vars. directly
    Also for your reference: https://docs.dremio.com/deployment/yarn-deployment.html

Hi yufeldman -
As specified all the settings are intact… I was accessing for the last 1month… for the last 1 week im facing the UI issue… couldnt connect & the log says the above mentioned error…
There were no updates on the system at-least in the last 1 week.

It is very strange, as error description points to misconfiguration of
zookeeper options. And you are saying you don’t have security on?
If security is off could you make sure you don’t have any ticket file
lingering around (if any).