Dremio URL Login or Refresh Error Popup "An unexpected error occurred"

Hi Everyone,

I am facing error “An Unexpected Error Occurred” every time I login to Dremio or refresh Dremio URL.

I am getting this kind of popup -
“An Unexpected Error Occurred”
Session id - *********
Event Id - ******

I am using the DREMIO version 4.1.4.

Could anybody know how can i resolve this issue ?

Thanks you.

duplicate of An unexpected error occurred Session id -bb44c24e-2e80-4105-95e6-0a025763d0bf

Can you post the session id for the error, we collect UI errors and can look them up.

Hi, recently i have installed the newer version of DREMIO i.e 4.2.2, Still facing the same issue.

below are the session ID -
Session ID: 1f718b5a-36f7-4aff-9e0b-4a9294318168
Event ID: f03cf40661f84f72b899c40ab19fff7b

Kindly let us know how can i resolve this error popup.

Thank you for reporting this. Do you have any browser extensions that could block javascript being loaded? Could you perhaps try a full reload of the UI to clear the cache, it seems to be failing to load some code.

Hi, Thank you for your quick response and solution.

It seems issue with Chrome browser. As suggested, I reloaded the FULL DREMIO UI through Internet Explorer and it works for me.

The strange thing I notice is loading the UI from Internet Explorer, fixed issue with Chrome as well. I didn’t performed any changes in chrome browser but still it work perfectly in chrome.

Thanks again …!