An unexpected error occurred Session id -bb44c24e-2e80-4105-95e6-0a025763d0bf

Dremio (19.6 KB)


Every time i login to Dremio or if i refresh Dremio URL i get this type of error.

Session id -bb44c24e-2e80-4105-95e6-0a025763d0bf
Event Id-0782e137310b4d2f8dbc5fa64b49bfe0

can any one look into the issue.

Attached server.log file for the sameimage


Are you still seeing this? It looks like we had some issues on Dremio University that are now no longer happening.

yes the error still exists.

@kushagra Can you try one more time, I was able to reproduce the issue and its been resolved now.

I am facing the same issue, anyone know how can i resolve this.?
My dremio version is 4.1.4

Can you post the session id for the error? We collect UI errors and can look them up.

Hi, recently i have installed the newer version of DREMIO i.e 4.2.2, Still facing the same issue.

below are the session ID -
Session ID: 1f718b5a-36f7-4aff-9e0b-4a9294318168
Event ID: f03cf40661f84f72b899c40ab19fff7b

Kinldy let us know how can i resolve this error popup.

Are you by chance using Safari ?

I hit the same issue when using Safari , Chrome works great …