Dremio user activity Logs

Hi Team,

I need to capture all activity logs for Dremio. Does dremio save Source & User management logs anywhere, that can be queried?

Queries can be captured from Jobs UI but what about Data set create, update or Delete logs and also user management logs. Are they also saved anywhere?

Please suggest.


Hi @Monika_Goel,

Currently, we do not have something like a comprehensive audit log, but this is on the product roadmap. You may find some of the information you are looking for in:

  • queries.json - mirrors what’s listed in the Jobs page
  • server.log - records many events from the Dremio deamon it’s connected to (coordinator or executor)

The location of these logs varies depending on your Dremio installation/configuration.

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Do we have any option for audit in new releases?

@ann Currently there is no ETA on when the Audit feature will be released

@ann There should be a new Audit logging in Dremio v20. See: Dremio

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