Dremio with hive and Unknown format (ks3)

My hive data is stored in an object storage similar to S3(named ks3), and I have also configured parameters (fs.ks3.impl), but still encountered an error below. I would like to know if there is any way to support it in the current version.( community-server/25.0.0-202404051521110861-ed9515a8)

Dremio will support s3 clone object storage but it won’t recognise ks3 specific parameters. You would need to set up your s3 clone in the same manner as the minio example in the link below using the standard s3 property names such fs.dremioS3.impl

It is also important to set the dremio.s3.compat parameter.

Thank you for your reply. I tried with the docs you provided, but it didn’t slove my problem. Dremio doesn’t support the file schme I used. I think i have find a solution from this pr (adapt tencent COS to S3 plugin by Panxing4game · Pull Request #59 · dremio/dremio-oss · GitHub). Hope it works to me.

I am not familiar with ks3 but if it is not an s3 compatible storage then yes, you would need to implement a custom solution to use this. Good luck !!