Duplicated results when I create a RAW reflection over a VDS

I have a set of VDS, when I run a query before the creation of the reflections my results are fine, runs in around 15 seconds an retrieveme the 2 rows I’m expecting.

But once I create a RAW reflection over the VDS the query is acelerated to les than a 2 sec (what is awesome) but my results are duplicated and now I have 4 rows.

Any clue?

  • Dremio version: Comunity edition
  • DB: postgres 9.3
  • Nodes: 1 coordinator, 2 executors.

Can you share a query profile?

sure, thanks.

c458d990-7418-44c7-9827-e36d45c75a73.zip (31.6 KB)

Hi @Diego_Soto

Would you be able to provide us with the profile that returns 2 rows (the unaccelerated one)?


Hello @balaji.ramaswamy this is the profile

ec4bad34-3318-4f9f-90aa-9f2acb7ffaa8.zip (36.9 KB)